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At the Yoga-Mojo Studio, we believe Yoga is for Everybody.

We focus on breath, explore poses and connect mind and body through flow~


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Yoga Mojo Cary Studio breathe Yoga-Mojo is an active Hatha-Vinyasa flow practice developed and taught with passion by Loretta Jo Schlatzer, E-RYT 500. Her dynamic approach purposefully links guided breath control (pranayama) with sequenced movement to enable students to build stamina, increase physical strength, improve concentration – and to ultimately balance body and mind. Conscious breath control is an integral element of each practice.


Yoga Mojo Cary Studio Move Every Yoga-Mojo Flow is a carefully crafted, continuous sequence of movements typically incorporating standing poses, seated poses, twists, backbends, inversions, balance poses, and stretching. Loretta Jo creates each flow to concentrate on a specific theme or area of focus – with a strong emphasis on proper yoga fundamentals, alignment, and technique to ensure long-term growth and success.


Live With Mojo.

Yoga Mojo Cary Studio Live The Yoga-Mojo Vinyasa practice is designed to provide a sufficient challenge for seasoned yoga practitioners, while remaining warmly open and accessible for beginners. All experience levels are welcomed and supported.


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Headed to Swansboro for Saturday Yoga at Second Wind Eco Tours & Yoga Start your August with Yoga-Mojo at Second Wind~ 10:00-11:30am — Yoga-Mojo Vinyasa Flow 1:30-4:30pm — Introduction to Chakras~  Workshop &... READ MORE

Yoga-Mojo Bingo

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August is Bingo Month at the Yoga-Mojo Studio~ Win a free class and more! Get your Bingo card Today! READ MORE