Yoga-Mojo Studio is committed to supporting all students at all levels. We hope you enjoy our classes, teachers, and the studio environment.  Loretta Jo welcomes your feedback, ideas and suggestions. If you would like to leave a review, you can find us online at Yelp, Facebook, and Google+.

From students:

~Love this space!!

Mojo Studio has the best teachers

~There’s a wonderful, peaceful, special feeling here

Personal attention — small classes — GREAT!

-The way Yoga-Mojo makes my body feel is matchless. Loretta Jo excel’s at warming us up, working us and bringing us down. After one of her classes I feel spent but exhilarated at the same time.

“Love your new studio and the flow last night was fantastic…thank you”

I feel so lucky to have found the Yoga-Mojo studio. It’s a beautiful space to practice and Loretta Jo and all the teachers are great.  It has a really friendly welcoming feel and has an authentic non-judgmental and un-intimidating environment in which to practice. Loretta Jo is awesome and provides great guidance and queues, and so many options to cater for different capabilities. I look forward to and love every visit! ~Graham W

I love Yoga Mojo.  I have visited several classes by a few different teachers and I can honestly say they are terrific. They all make you feel so welcome, and the practice has been a great flow with a super relaxing savasana. The studio is intimate with a beautiful window wall letting you look at the trees while you practice. Loretta is so knowledgeable. I have learned so much about yoga mythology and have strengthed my practice greatly. I would definitely recommend Yoga Mojo. They also have an area of mats, jewelry, candles, and more. I love to browse that section. It is definitely worth visiting. ~Michelle F

I love Yoga-Mojo! It is my yoga home in Cary. It is an intimate space that owner Loretta curates into a thoughtful community full of awesome women and men. Loretta, Miriam, and all the instructors are knowledgeable, creative leaders that have all helped me develop my practice. A variety of different classes and teaching styles are available. Come for the yoga, stay for the extra attentive savasanas, wisdom, music, friends, good vibes, tea, laughs, and other surprises. See you there! ~Jess M

I’ve been practicing at Yoga Mojo Studio for several years now.  I sought out yoga to keep my body moving, flexible, balanced and strong as I move into my senior years.  I’m not comfortable in a large class setting and hot yoga is definitely out so the calm, peaceful environment of Yoga Mojo is perfect for me.  There are classes available for every level of yoga from gentle (great for those new to yoga or a bit more “mature”), to more strength focused practices.  Loretta Jo and each instructor at Yoga Mojo are very knowledgeable in the practice of yoga and each brings their own special focus into the class.  I’ve met a wonderful and welcoming community of people and look forward to continuing for my foreseeable future. ~Doris D

Lucky to have a yoga studio like Yoga-Mojo in Cary. Loretta is fabulous and her experience and talent as a yoga instructor are phenomenal and unmatched! ~Vinty J