Yoga-Mojo Studio is committed to providing the highest quality instruction in a safe and welcoming environment. We encourage all Yoga students especially those new to the practice to fully experience the different class offerings to determine the best fit for you~   We invite you to stretch and strengthen, to sweat and glisten, to reflect and rest, to find your own Mojo~ Breathe, Move and Live — Bringing balance in your life one breath at a time. Suggested next steps:

  1. Attend Yoga 101 – Introduction to Yoga 2-hour Class (offered throughout the year)
  2. Attend a Vinyasa 1 or Gentle Yoga class and be sure to share with the teacher this is your first experience with the practice of yoga
  3. Schedule a private or semi-private for you, your friends, family or co-workers

When you’re ready, just follow this link to register and sign up for classes.

New to yoga? Here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. Yoga is ancient.

The practice of yoga is more than 2500 years ago. It is not a religion but rather an ancient art / science that is based on finding harmony with the body, mind and spirit.

  1. Provides benefits to both mental and physical health.

While you learn poses and may be challenged physically, allow yourself to explore your mind, your breath and your spirit in each class to reap the full benefits of the practice.

  1. Is a practice.

It may take just one class for you to reap a reward, however, over time and with practice, you’ll discover the magic of yoga and the numerous benefits of a regular and consistent practice for the mind and body.

  1. Find the style and teacher right for you.

There are many methods and styles of yoga.  Explore in order to find the best ‘fit’ for you and then practice with that teacher(s) so that over time, they get to know you better and can assist you in your journey.

  1. Always ask questions.

We love questions. If there’s a question about a pose – or if you need assistance in finding the right class or have questions about next steps in your journey, ask your teacher or send an email to

  1. Enjoy and have fun.

Let go and enjoy your time in class. Be present and let yourself have fun~

Breathe, Move and Live with Yoga~ 

Also see New Students FAQ