Continue Your Yoga Teacher Education

With Mojo Mentoring

Are you a yoga teacher looking for inspiration?  Have a desire to learn more?  Looking for a safe space to share your teaching experience?  Wanting insight in to ‘how to build a class’?  Ready to create teaching goals?

Teaching yoga is my passion. With 9000+ hours of teaching, coupled with my personal practice and devotion to the practice, I embrace the magic / mojo of yoga and love to share the knowledge I’ve learned and the magic I’ve experienced.

Teachers of yoga are constantly learning, experiencing and embodying their life’s experiences in their teaching. Yoga teacher mentoring can help you take the knowledge learned from teacher training and assist you in leading a practice, building a community and teaching with confidence.  My goal in offering Mojo Mentoring is to help teachers better understand what they’re teaching and why~  When teachers  understand the “why”, wisdom is shared and magic happens~

If you are a teacher looking to move into a deeper place – looking to find your voice and/or wishing to express your own innate wisdom, or perhaps you’re looking for guidance to help you determine ‘what’s next’, we hope you’ll join us for Mojo Mentoring.  Mojo Mentoring is a series of workshops / trainings designed to enrich your teaching by taking you on a journey that reawakens YOU:  Your creativity, your authenticity and the vision you have for teaching the practice of yoga.


  • Re-engage with the passion you felt when you first began a practice
  • Reinvigorate and support your drive to ‘learn more’
  • Become aware of your own strengths and energy and master your gifts as a teacher
  • Connect with your voice – finding the words and creating a practice that brings magic to you and your students and lets you share your passion in your teaching
  • Be prepared to further your teaching career or start building a teaching business with new knowledge and skills
  • Network and meet other teachers for mutual benefits and opportunities
  • And, come alive as you bring the magic of yoga to others

Stay tuned for upcoming Mojo Mentoring Workshops, 1:1 Sessions and More~


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