Yoga-Mojo weekly classes are offered in Cary at the Yoga-Mojo Studio at Long Life Wellness Center and O2Fitness Clubs.

The Yoga-Mojo Studio at Long Life Wellness Center offers a variety of classes including Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, Meditation and more. Click here to see all Yoga classes at the Yoga-Mojo Studio, to create a user account, check availability and reserve a space.

Mojo Studio provides online registration and drop-in options.  O2 Fitness Clubs is by membership however drop-in options (day pass) are available.

All Yoga-Mojo classes focus on the breath to establish a mind-body connection, core work to develop strong and stable abdominals, and challenging strength and balance poses.  You’ll move mindfully with breath and explore each pose that is uniquely yours.


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