Yoga-Mojo Studio recognized as a ClassPass Top Rated Studio 2019


“Loretta Jo’s Yoga-Mojo classes and workshops are simply awesome!! Her classes are fun and playful, while simultaneously challenging. A strong flow infused with stillness and heat building asanas. A perfect balance of mind, body and spirit that leaves you feeling the Yoga-Mojo and knowing you have experienced something truly special.”

~Dyanne Singler, owner of MOMENTUM yoga & fitness in Morehead City, NC


“Thank you so much for practice this morning. This has been one of those weeks that being a mother has been so exhausting that I feel emotionally and physically bankrupt. I have found a unique light in yoga that gives me the opportunity to fill myself up, remind myself who I am, spend some time centering my soul… and that ultimately makes me a better person and a better mother. I was almost moved to tears during savasana because I am just so grateful for this part of my life, especially on weeks like this one. 

Thanks for introducing me to a yoga practice that I am sure will be a critical part of my journey for a long, long time. 

~A note from Leslie F. mother of three


I just want to thank you for being my yoga teacher. You are my first “in the flesh” yoga instructor. You truly bring joy to your teaching, and that sets you apart from many. It is clear you are following your passion, and I am honored to be one of your students. With you, I understand the connection between mind, body, and spirit – the true essence of yoga – because you exemplify all of those components in your practice.”

~Beth M.


“Thank you thank you thank you! We were still glowing this morning from your class on Saturday:)”



You are unmatched in excellence and dedication to your students.  I feel so blessed each time I get to attend one of your classes.

~Donna K.


“I wanted to take a moment to A) tell you how much I hated missing tonight’s class and B) tell you how much you and yoga-mojo mean to me. I truly feel that yoga has been a lifesaver. So I love your class, how it pushes me, breaks me down and builds me back up, relaxes and refreshes me. I appreciate your passion and your wonderful encouraging spirit. I am sold on you and yoga-mojo, you are a true inspiration.”

~Cindy S. Yogi


I am so grateful for you. . .I attended an awesome class and was really challenged, had my wonderful yoga community with me and had time to get renewed and refreshed.  You inspire me and I am so thankful to have you in my life.  Thank you.

~Sara G.


I just love your classes…(especially the lavender reward!!! )…the flow is inspirational, the challenges give me lots to work toward and the themes (and sequencing) are the best!!! 

~Betsy L.


Loretta, Your classes really are some of the greatest highlights of my week. Much-needed focus and energy and rest (somehow all in one) for a mom of three small kids. Thank you so much for the amazing practice!

~L. Fox


Just wanted to say thank you again for the challenging yoga today, all of your help and assistance, and keeping us up to date!  I learn so much from your classes and really enjoy them.

~Louisa K.


I highly recommend you take a class with Loretta Jo Schlatzer, you’ll be hooked!  The studio is full of light and love.”

~Joanne R.


“Thanks for the great instruction and guidance. It is evident that you have passion for yoga (the full meaning) and through your experience you are able to share with others….such a great gift and very much appreciated.”

~Ginger K.


Thank you so very much for welcoming me to your Yoga class.  It was wonderful and I felt so much better following the exercises.  It wasn’t just a “class’, you made it a true experience.  Many thanks~



Thank you for hosting one of the best classes ever last night.  I was hoping for a great class and I experienced so much more than I could have hoped for.  It is clear to me that you have found your calling.

I am grateful that I found you, and truly look forward to enhancing my practice through you.

~Denise H.

First, let me begin by saying, thank you.  Thank you for your amazing yoga classes, you are simply the best and I am in awe of all that you do for your students.

~Hannah B.

I feel so much better even after that one class. Thank you!!

~Heather W.

MUCH EXCITEMENT. Thank you for continuing to change my practice and for making it such a lovely journey!

~Alex K.